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Just a couple of tips


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Hey guys, just got platinum for this game. great game. I have a few tips for new players that i wish i knew when starting the game.


when navigating the map, go around the outskirts of the area available to you in order to reveal most points of interests

when ever you discover a fishing spot, go fishing immediately until it stops. it will save you having to back track later in the clean up stage

you will need an abundance of leaves and wood later in the game, so make sure you stock up as you can early in the game to avoid having to repetitively farm for it

spices, eggs, berries and mushroom are needed later in the game (ark) collect them all as you play

amber mana pills are a great way to get around the map easily if you go back to the starting shelter and run to the nearby fast travel tower

also, build you smelter and wood cutting machine at the starting base to access it much easier

don't waste unnecessary materials building a home base (past the trophy requirements)


hope this helps


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