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Noob here. Can't see how to chat in the log window.

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I started playing three weeks ago (my first MMO experience ever) and someone added me in a Free Company.

Seriously, how can I text on the log window? I write the message, but can't see how to send it!聽馃槄聽And it's a pain to text with a joystick.

I also downloaded the Companion app, but I can't see any messages from the FC there.

Do the others from the FC text via Discord?


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On 12/4/2023 at 4:52 PM, FulgidoLucio said:

Oh, I thought there was an app they use.聽馃槱

Thanks anyway.

You could use something like this for the Dualshock 4:聽

Controller Keyboard for PS4, Wireless Bluetooth Keypad Mini Chatpad Rechargeable Online Gaming Live Chat Message Gamepad Keyboard with Built-In Speaker & 3.5MM Audio Jack for Playstation 4 Dualshock https://a.co/d/5ul5m94

I use something like this myself. It works. And although it has built-in speakers, you can setup other audio output options in the PS4 menu.

/edit Something like this exists also for the Dualsense PS5 controller:聽

TNP Chatpad Controller Keyboard Attachment for PS5, Wireless Compact Keypad - The Ultimate QWERTY Gamepad Keyboard with Built-In Speaker for Live Chat and Messaging https://a.co/d/48Mkx5r

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