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Unable to access site with device

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Not sure if this is the right place, but here goes.


Tried to access this site using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, yep that device from 2012. Most likely my mistake for not checking/syncing the time/date to the current time, so the site's firewall probably identified it as hack, ddos attempt? 


Anyway, whenever I try accessing the this site, it shows a "connection error" page or a perpetual loading screen. Wonder if this could be fixed. Other sites load fine and other personal devices (phones, other tablets, PC)have got no issues loading this site on the same WiFi.

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The browser on it is likely badly outdated so doesn't have the latest security certificates and updates needed to access certain sites. I have a laptop from 2009 which can't access most sites, because it doesn't have the latest browser and security protocols required for access - even a security certificate update can't be done because of its age :(.


If this is the case, your only options are to try and update the device's firmware to something more current or use another more modern device that can download the latest version of whatever your preferred browser is.

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