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DLC on multiple accounts, same ps4


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Hi guys,


I have a problem.

I have an US psn account, but i live in europe, so my games are restricted to europe. 

I tried to download blackbeard wrath from the us store. It's stuck on "waiting to install". Is there any way to get my money back? I googled and find out that it will be stuck this way and i have to download the dlc from an europe account.

On the same ps4, i have another account, uk account. My question is, if i download the dlc, from the uk accout, i will be able to use MP characters on the US account? Also, i want to download Freedom cry, too. Same question, if i download this for the uk account, i can play it from the us account?

I am a trophy whore and i use the us account. The uk account is just for tranzactions.


Thank you. 

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Yes, but it cost more. And because i have an EU copy of the game i will not be able to get those trophy unless i buy an US copy of the game? On the other hand, Freedom Cry is not exactly a DLC, right? I had a promotional code to download Aveline missions, and i redeemed the code on the UK account and still was able to play on my US account, i will be able to do that with Freedom Cry too?

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It doesn't matter which account you're playing on, it just matters where the game was bought. If you bought the base game in the EU, then you have to get the DLC through the EU store. If you bought the base game in the US, you have to get the DLC through the US store. Once it's bought and installed onto the system, you can use whatever account you want on the system to play it.


So, since you have a EU copy of the game, you're going to have to buy Blackbeard's Wrath on the EU store to play it. Or you'll have to buy a US copy of the game to use the US DLC that you bought.


You'll have to call support and beg them to refund your money and hope they're nice, because Sony generally doesn't do refunds on any digital content.

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