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How to find help?

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If i were you id just ask in any of the Major City, pretty sure youll find someone whos willing and able to get you trough them easily. If you are a sprout ask in the Novice Network, we even had a party of 2/3 mentors taking sprouts through them for story reasons on a regular basis. 

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The problem is I just found out that I never knew how the chat works. Two players joined my party finder, I was saying "hi" and stuff, but it's clear I have to text elsewhere because my messages didn't reach them.

God, don't know if it's because it's my very first MMO, but the chat thing here totally bugs me. 😠

That means no-one of the FC mates never saw me texting with them either...

Some elements of this game make me feel as stupid as never before.

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I am about to be gone for a week but when I get back if you want a unsynced carry through that stuff I would be more than happy to help. Assuming you are on the NA data center

What other people said, use the party finder menu, learn how to chat


The population in the game is currently in a wane because we are at the end of a expansion.


If you do wanna try the party finder look up how to data center travel and go to AETHER data center. Its so much easier to find people there atm.


If you have anymore 14 related questions feel free to ask. Ill do what I can.

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Try finding people in boosting sessions as asking for boosting help on the forums is not wanted or allowed:




Alternatively, you could look for discord groups that could carry you.



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