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“Good Against Remotes Is One Thing” issue


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Been trying to knock this out, but the game just doesn’t feel like cooperating. It seems like every time the timer gets down to the last 3-4 seconds, targets just stop spawning. I’ll be doing fine, have 12-14 of the 15 I need, then it just says “nah, no more targets for you.” Is there some hidden spot they spawn in that’s not normally part of the field of vision? Is RNGesus just trolling me?


I’m using an Infinite rapid fire pistol, and have tried it standing right at the counter/by the start computer, standing a ways back from the counter, and just jumping into the shooting rage itself. Same result regardless.


EDIT: As is typical… make a post questioning/complaining about it, it works. Two tries later and I had it with 4 seconds still on the clock. 🙄

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Got it.
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Yeah for anyone else wondering about this solo. Use a weapon with a lot of bullets and relatively good accuracy (very little spread) and watch out for those targets on the left and right wall. They pop up and pop out kinda quick. 


I tried many times with 14/15 targets and 4 seconds remaining, shouting some mother fuckers at my tv because of that. 

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