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First Blood trophy not popping


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Is it possible that the trophy you're referring to only pops upon killing a real player, i.e., not a bot? Even if you look at the scoreboard and it looks populated with real players, it can still be a bot lobby with fake names on the leaderboard.

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That is weird. Hopefully it didn't glitch out for you somehow, i.e. you got the trophy in your first match but quit before it ended. Trophies in this one only pop at the end of a match (if memory serves), so it might've recognized you completing it without officially unlocking it.


Then again, could be a simple glitch from a recent update or, as the other poster said, a case of somehow only killing bots (though that'd be very hard to believe and that shouldn't make a difference anyway as bots are eligible with all the other trophy requirements).

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26 minutes ago, HuntingFever said:

The most recent earner was yesterday so unless a patch was only released today, I'm going with this being either a random glitch or you're not doing it right: https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/12667-enlisted/13-first-blood

There was an update/patch yesterday so it might have broken something but this will get fixed real soon.



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Same thing is happening for me. It's especially weird because the in-game achievement is completed, but the trophy still hasn't popped for 3 matches.



Edit: It popped for me when I logged in today. Didn't even enter a new game, not sure what exactly fixed it.

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