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1600 to Grandmaster Nightfall?


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Hi All,

I'm picking Destiny back up after a few years away, and the only 2 base game trophies I have left are for the Master and Grandmaster Nightfall Strikes. Does anyone have a rough estimate for the time to get from 1600 to being able to complete a Grandmaster Nightfall?


I've gotten to around 1700 after maybe 6 or 7 hours over the past few days, but I know the levelling gets a lot harder past 1750. I'm a little overwhelmed with how much the game has changed so I've honestly no idea what the best way to level up is.


I appreciate any help :)



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First finish any story missions, if you are finding the story mission too hard because of light level, do weekly challenges, weekly and daily bounties, up to you if you want to do the re-occuring bounties you can buy for glimmer. In game LFG if you are find any mission a little difficult, the last mission of Light fall was beyond crazy. (Ugh)


Do strikes, battle ground, gambit, dares of eternity, coils here and there. Little by little you will get amour weapons that will have small light increments. Once you are equipped and feel you can do hard stuff on your own, id recommend exotic, material farming at the daily Lost Sectors, but be ready they are no joke. 


Go easy, it's easy to burn yourself out and the game ending up being like a job.


This seasons artifact goes really well with solar, so a solar class and solar weapons does incredible damage. Polaris Lance is an exotic you should think about getting if you haven't gotten it and can be obtained at the Exotic Archive. That weapon alone has gotten me through a lot of legendary missions, strikes, coils, lost sectors. Just tune your artifact right as well looking at your class fragments and Polarise lance turns into a solar bukkake, just watch it explode and take out whole swathes of enemies, it's glorious.


I got back into Destiny in December 2023, I only had the Master and Grandmaster to do, and like you i started at 1600, but with grinding and a bit of YouTube research and luck I was able to get to Light Level 1835, with my Warlock and was able to LFG with some randoms and got the Master and Grandmaster Nightfall done, but not with out prior practice, a random group that gelled well, and luck, lots and lots of luck.


Good luck. you can do it. 

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I had this saved on my phone on what to do every week:


8 bounties from Banshee44
8 bounties from Lord Shaxx
8 bounties from Zavala 
8 bounties from Drifter

5 emotes sent from Suraya Hawthorne

3 crucible matches
7 glory round wins 
3 strikes
1 nightfall
3 gambit matches


You'll reach 1800 in no time, hardest part will be going to 1810, actual cap.


As @VaNiDgE said, solar is the way this season and the titans hammers have been broken since the beggining. I used the SUNSHOT (https://d2.destinygamewiki.com/wiki/Sunshot) hand cannon, that makes enemies to explode and damage themselves and a build based on make more solar damage. Every hammer can clean an entire room as it makes enemies explode too, just amazing you need the SEVERANCE ENCLOSURE (https://d2.destinygamewiki.com/wiki/Severance_Enclosure) chest piece.


Anyway, it's not THAT hard, just time consuming and a bit boring of doing the same over and over. When I did the GrandMaster nightfall I was 1818, but my teammates where like 1830, so it took a bit to complete.


Edit: for the dlc trophies you're missing:

- Seal the Deal: now any seal unlocks the trophy so focus in a seasonal one. I think easter is next.

- Fashion Statement: there're different but the europa collector is an easy one. Beware that the neomuna is broken right now!

- Last Wish raid: you can search for a team ingame now. If you manage to join a game that is on the last checkpoint, the Queenswalk, it's going to be like 5 minutes tops to get the trophy (assuming everyone knows what to do).

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Just thought I'd mention that there are a lot of streamers that do FREE carries for the Destiny community to help out with Grandmaster Nightfalls.


During times GMs are live, you will find many streamers on Twitch willing to help carry you through a GM - you just have to be of the minimum level threshold to get in, and they will do the rest - you just have to listen to them and have means of communication.


This is just a general message for anyone.

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I recommend grinding until you hit the minimum light for gm entry then waiting until a easier gm is available then asking for a carry. Unless of course trophies is just a bonus for you and you are planning to make d2 your primary game again. I would offer to help you myself if I didn’t quit the game.

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