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What are your best UCs?


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So from going on different Destiny of Spirits forums, everyone is mostly looking for Rare or Super Rare spirits, Lady of the Depths. For me personally, most of my Rs and SRs are mainly for collection purposes and not really used for battles, well except Freyja. I really use my UCs in battle, especially since they are easier to max out.



It just got me thinking if anyone else is like that. 


The ones I use consistently are:


Fire Guardian-He or it has helped me a lot. My most powerful spirit for now.

Minotaur-A sold heavy hitter

Dullahan-One word, awesome

Sphinx-She snipes like nobody's business

Medb-I mostly use her as a support for Freyja



So how about you guys?


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I've never bothered with any UC, but I do see their usefulness as they can indeed be pretty powerful at max level and max stat boosts.


Instead of working with them I've just been selectively bringing my Rs along and stockpiling resources. 


I'd rather sit on a pile of spirit points, I have well more than 100k atm, that I'll need later on than a bunch of spirits that are way more short term. 


It costs ~3,000 points to merge 5 spirits into a ~L35+ Rare, so it's not like that nest egg is all that much to be holding onto. 

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Fire Guardian, Tisiphone x2, Skuld x2, Medb and Tefnut (max bonus too, since my starting area is super close to her, and there's a nice 3 round fire event there...)


Those I have with max bonus, except 1 of the Skulds (noob mistake at the start of the game, bonus ATK/SPD at 50+).


And I'm doing several others (Minotaur, Nike, Dullahan, and more).


From what I saw Dullahan is the best UC from Europe normal summon.


Also I mainly use them because 13 party cost isn't to much, and well I keep 99% of the time a R or SR as leader (Pandora, Artemis, Ghost Ship, Valkyrie, Genie of the Lamp, Heremond, Manannan Mac Lir), followed by Vampire Hunter (my strongest spirit as of now at lvl45 with max bonus), after those 2, I usually place 3 UC spirit or use Heremond as a 3rd R.


And yes despise Vampire Hunter leader ability not being to bad and he being my strongest spirit, I don't use him as leader, since I'm almost always forcing mono-element parties with the leader (Pandora, Ghost Ship, Genie of the Lamp, Chameleon, but mainly Pandora, since I only recently got the others).


I still think that Sphinx is a big disappointment... to low attack, even at max bonus...

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You will need a healthy mix of everything. I got my Spirit Master today and my setup was about:

* I pretty much ignored Dark and Light summons. Got some Rs and UCs, no SRs - rarely used any of them in the final third of the game.

* For each other element: One SR (usually one that grants +30% attack bonus for said element), several Rs and 2 or 3 UCs that I used as fillers.


I used Jokers on my SRs to break level 55, used SRs to max them afterwards. Didn't max any SR though, the closest was one merge away from getting max bonus stats.

I got 3 or 4 Rs maxed, most others were between level 42 and 46. UCs don't have enough HP to really help you survive the tougher battles, even maxed ones. You won't be able to finish the game if you rely on those only.


I managed to finish the game that way without any hunt cheating, feeder account, paying anything for orbs. And despite having very bad luck with my summons. Didn't manage to get even one single advanced SR.

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