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Servers back online?


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So I noticed (to my surprise) that the 'latest achievers' list for some unattainable trophies like 'The Right Combination' and other GHTV related stuff has some new entries dating back from oct. 2023 untill like 4 days ago.

Does this mean that the server are back online? I tried reaching out to some of these players but so far no response.

Because if so, im getting myself a copy again ASAP.

Can anyone confirm this or test it out?


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2 hours ago, IneGoesGaming said:

Thats unfortunate... so is the use of CFW illegal to connect to fan based servers like GHTV Reloaded then? 

I was hoping for a legit way of still getting the trophies I missed back in the day


Yes, see the leaderboard rules here: https://psnprofiles.com/guide/18277-psnprofiles-leaderboard-rules-disputes

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On 2/23/2024 at 1:15 AM, IneGoesGaming said:

Can't we get that server regulated? 

There’s a snowballs chance in hell of that tbqh. The GHTV Reloaded team would need to find a workaround to let the game know the server location without CFW. 

The only hope we have is if Microsoft was being legit about bringing legacy servers for older titles. I think that only applies to COD on 360 though. 

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