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Having read so many forum posts about bugs, glitches and unable to knock out that last 0.1-.02% i find myself at 99.8% completion.

I however have not encountered a bug. Or a glitch. No. I have encountered the dreaded, I'm missing one gold brick, where the bloody hell is it!?


A far as I can tell I have done everything! All levels complete with Stan Lee's, Mini-Kits and Red Bricks. All characters unlocked. All vehicles unlocked (air, sea and ground). There's nothing on the map. There's no gold brick indicator using the red brick extras as I fly endlessly round the city. 


Anyone know if there's a gold brick located somewhere way out the way like Taskmaster!? (Took a guide and a long flight to find him!)


So stuck I don't know what to do.



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there is a race in the sky that is also hard to find and is probably the 1 your missing. I cant remember where exactly but I found it in a guide


Yep. Literally just found it. Then got pissed cos I was still on 99.9%. Turns out there was a boat I hadn't purchased! Thank god that's over! 

Thanks for the response. Your my hero!



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