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Best PS4 headset?


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Whether I'm a bad luck charm when it comes to headsets, but everyone I have had has ended up faulty or broken within a few months from likes of Trittons and 2 Turtle beaches. 

In the end I bought myself a standard £14.99 GBP one and it's lasted 6 months and still works perfecr till this day. Also includes the mute your mic feature you want. 




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The Sony Wireless 2.0 is fantasic. Amazon do it for around 65£ so maybe just over your budget but if you hunt around you should get it cheaper. (I got my at my LGS for 49.99)

Great thing is since its the official headset it works perfectly with ps4/3 and vita. No batteries since it use's the controllerUSB (or any USB of that style, though they do come with a pretty long cable in the box ofc) for charge and I reckon I get a good 7-8 hours out of a charge(takes maybe 30 mins to charge ish-and you can use while charging ofc)

As a headset they are very comfortable over long sessions, and the mic is hidden in the earcup while still giving a nice quality.

And since its bluetooth you can use it with any bluetooth device -for example Ive watched films/music on my laptop/phone using them.


Also you can download a app off the store for free with some preset sound set ups, or create your own. (I set my own up adding a bit more bass to the mix as the default set up does lack a little bit-a easy fix though done via the console app)


For the money I can't recommend it enough.

if you can find them cheap or save a extra £15 get the 2.0's IMO


Heres amazon's customer reviews page if you wanted to have some more (better lol) insight:



Edit: And yes it has a mute mic button on the side aswell as chat/game volume control and vitual 7.1/stereo switch over (though I prefer stereo most of the time the 7.1 has its use's - expect the battery to drain a wee bit faster though)

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I tried the Astro 40's and was a bit of a flop (an expensive one ($300). Alot of cords around everywhere and all my mates told me the speech quality was poor. Also struggled to chat outside of the chat party

The Sony 2.0's are great. Cost me $120 (still costly) but work a dream. Battery life is a bit so-so but i can live with that.

I'd reccomend the 2.0's. i'd buy them again instanstly despite the price tag.

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