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Do I need the game in the game utility file to be able to download the DLC?

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I am getting the Freedom Cry DLC. However... to be able to play it I will need to delete the actual game from the game utility file so it can Download. My question is: Can I delete AC4BF from the game utility file and then download the Freedom Cry DLC (because I need the double space to download it) and still play it? Does it work? I appreciate it if anyone actually already tried this.

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Yes, this should work. I haven't actually tested it but I see no reason for this not to work.


I am just making this topic so I make sure I won't regret my decision of getting a DLC I can't even play. But still, this is not the standalone that does not need the game to run, which is making me making this topic, if anyone actually tried this and it worked it would be great.

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