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no trophies?

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Odd, Australia released yesterday which I got right now but I haven't play yet. There no street date break, just official release date.

There's actually an identical trophy list that popped up on the website today. It has owners and trophies registered. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/2982-Sleeping-Dogs-Definitive-Edition

I wonder why there's two....

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Here's what funny... I think this trophy list one in this forum is NA (global) version which appeared first https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/2918-Sleeping-Dogs-Definitive-Edition (na)


Then just recently a second sleeping dog DE appeared recently is EU version https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/2982-Sleeping-Dogs-Definitive-Edition (eu)


I see some of my trophies sync'ed in EU. so, some europeans and australians got the game release early but the game was late for the eu version trophy list appeared. lol?

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