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[HELP!] Looking for a Gaming Laptop...

Asuka Langley

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I'm looking for a Gaming laptop that can run games at ultra high quality graphics and stream at 1080 without a death-sized drop of framerate.


Would it be better to build my own or buy one pre-built off the web? Also, if it's easier to build one, then what specs would I be looking at getting?


EDIT: It needs to be available for purchase in the UK if it's ordered

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I don't know what all places will ship to the UK, but I found this. I've ordered from the american cyberpower website before without problems. 



I looked over some of the laptop builds they had and they have enough choices, it just comes down to how much you're looking to spend. Below is a laptop that should be capable. 


That comes with the gtx860m which will handle most of what you'd need it to. You could even drop to the HX6-100 model to save a bit of money.


If I was going to buy a gaming laptop, and it absolutely had to be a laptop instead of a desktop, I would buy this:


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