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Grounded/Grounded+ Trophies


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hey i just need somebody to confirm im thinking straight


so completing grounded plus will unlock completing on grounded(regular) too? 
so I just need

  • a save of a normal playthrough 
  • a save of a plus playthrough

and then to play through on grounded plus difficulty and I'll earn both golds? 

is this a glitch and i'll need to patch delete or what? x. x so confused

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Yup. If you finish Grounded+ you'll get the Grounded+ trophy and the Grounded one, as well as every other NG+ trophy you don't have.


If the trophy doesn't pop though, go to Chapters in the Main Menu and check each chapter and checkpoint, all of them must say "Completed on GROUNDED", if one of them does not have that written (It's probably one of the Bill's Town checkpoints...) then replay that checkpoint on Grounded with the same save file and once you finish it both trophies will pop. <~ this is what happened to me and how i fixed it.


HcG-_Clawz already posted a video explaining how to do the NG+ glitch, you should watch that!

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