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Histoire : Neo Mako Reactor, Drops from Killer Machine MK2, Tough Foe, Gamindustri Graveyard Depths

Jinguji Kei : Electric Switch, Drops from Cat Knight, Risky Foe, LAN Castle Underground

Nishizawa Mina : Ancient Shell, Drops from 1000-Year Turtle, Risky Foe, Gamindustri Graveyard Depths

Hakozaki Chika : Small Whale Ball, Drops from Saint Whale, Risky Foe, Gapein Plains (Alternate)


I have not played the English version yet so I am unsure of the official translations but hopefully these should be close enough.  Someone else can update with the proper English names if they wish.

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Okie will update their English Names:


Histoire: New Magic Dampener 

Graveyard Depths (+Add Enemies needed) dropped by Killachine Mk-2 


Kei: Electric Switch

LAN Castle Underground (+Add Enemies needed - only accessible in CH7 and 8 - need to be in True Ending Route) dropped by Cat Knight


Mina: Ancient Shell

Graveyard Depths (+Add Enemies needed) dropped by 1000-year Turtle


Chika: Small Whale Ball

Gapain Field (+Change Dungeon needed) dropped by Saint Whale



errr... so pretty much the same names I guess... :P

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