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Are all these trophies Online?


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Until the game comes out for the PS3 I can't be sure, but I bet there are only 4 online trophies (due to the percentage):


5Sd142d9.png Band of Brothers
Get promoted to the Major's League  

6Sd4d7ea.png Officer's Club
Get promoted to the Colonel's League  

7S906a04.png Top Table
Get promoted to the General's League

8Sdcf278.png The People's Hero
Win the General's League 

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Online for this game,Trivial Pursuit Live! and Scrabble (all from the Hasbro Family Fun Pack for the PS4 are almost non existent. I'm stuck getting the last trophy for Scrabble because I don't have someone to send an emoji to to -_-

I have yet to try the online to Risk though, but I can pretty much assume that it's going to be the same lack of players.

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