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Post your "level up" trophies :)


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Hi fellas

Which trophies have level you up? How many Platinums there? :)

In my case I decided to post the whole list and identify the gold and platinum trophies due these ones give more points


Sedbda0.png 48Sd4dc47.png War of the Last Alliance profile-bar-level.png 1                       
  S3ef723.png 9S5942f1.png Gold Master profile-bar-level.png 2                       
  S6ef9ef.png 26S20ca93.png Uncontained Aggression profile-bar-level.png 3                       
  S3613e7.png 16S112b90.png World Champions profile-bar-level.png 4  Gold             
  Se5f7b6.png 34S58b1a0.png I’ll Take the Physical Challenge profile-bar-level.png 5  Gold            
  S3131eb.png 3S008d6e.png Burnt to a Crisp profile-bar-level.png 6                     
  Sb8d8a7.png 1Seb0425.png The Big City profile-bar-level.png 7                      
  Sdf7a3c.png 10Se0ac06.png Violence Begets Violence profile-bar-level.png 8                       
  S6edaa2.png 33S0df8e0.png Greedy Raccooprofile-bar-level.png 9    Gold           
  S414f9d.png 35S993174.png One Gun profile-bar-level.png 10   Gold           
  Sc0591c.png 25Sb307e7.png Matador  profile-bar-level.png 11                  
  LIMBO 11Sd931ee.png Where Credit is Due profile-bar-level.png 12                  

S04f346.png 11S8dca79.png VIP  profile-bar-level.png 13                

S3131eb.png 1Sa143b3.png King of the Hill  profile-bar-level.png 14  PLATINUM

S96b771.png 3S469c01.png Beautiful Beats! profile-bar-level.png 15                 

S6e5204.png 21S540b6f.png Death Mode: Touch The People  profile-bar-level.png 16                

S1cd51c.png 1S5eab99.png Guacamelee! Platinum trophy profile-bar-level.png 17  PLATINUM

S0a0349.png8S133cd4.png Team Sweeper profile-bar-level.png 18                 

S1a6b27.png 51S4ed453.png It's all in the details  profile-bar-level.png 19   Gold       


i just noticed that The challenge of the gods trophy is here, this hard trophy is a jewel in the list :)

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