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Vitality and Stamina stopped regenerating


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I was on the "wandering in the dark" quest. My difficulty setting is "story and sword". Everything stopped regenerating after I beat the golem. At first I thought it was only for the quest but after I finished the quest everything still does not regenerate. When I eat food my vitality doesn't regen and my stamina are constantly empty. I can't sprint or use signs. It's gamebreaking.

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I stopped getting XP on Death March. I hope it's not another gamebreaking glitch... I was level 17 when I decided to explore the map some more and then I came back to the main plot quests (saving Dandelion). Earlier they were giving me hundreds of points, but suddenly no XP at all :/ Been level 17 for two days now (earlier I was doing 4-5 lvls a day).

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At one point of the game my stamina and vitality stopped regenerating. Anyone had the same problem? How do I cure this?

I've got the exact same problem an I have no save old enough to fix it :(

Even if I use items they do not work. My breath bar has disappeared also, so I can basically breath underwater. The only way I regenerate health is through meditation so it makes combat harder. Oh and I can't use signs.

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Lmao all these issues I just had to start again after finishing velen because I got a corrupted save data, the new patch didn't help all it did was corrupt all my old saves too.

So I've started again ugh...... I miss the days when shit used to work PROPERLY!!!

I don't get paid enough to be a frickin debugger.

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