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Review - Wolfenstine The Old Bloods

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Speaking as someone who writes freelance for a couple of different sites, my one piece of advice here would be to make sure you double check spelling, grammar and sentence structure before you commit anything to a public audience.


The core of what you are writing is a really interesting piece, but you do things like spell 'Wolfenstein' incorrectly in a few different ways. You also call the game 'The Old Bloods' and 'Old Bloods'.


Depending on what you want to achieve, you definitely have something solid here. But one of the many commandments of journalism is to always be as perfect as possible with how you write :)

thank you for pointing that out :) i actually have 2 people who pear review stuff for me before it goes up, and of course i look it over myself. I'm surprised something like this got missed.

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