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"Gabriel's Sword" bugged?


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Hello, I'm unable to get the trophy Gabriel's Sword. I've put Standard Issue Hellfire on 2 shortswords and a longsword, Bad Ass on 2 Khopeshs and Angel Sword on every sword type item I've gotten since I've unlocked it (which is a ton).

Has anybody else not been able to get the trophy or have a fix for it? Thanks.

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I got the trophy a few days ago with no problem whatsoever. I don't remember what I combined tho, I think it was a medium fire effect with a khopesh.


Try running the game while disconnected from the internet and then try Gabriel's Sword. That sometimes helps me.

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Just achieved this trophy. I read on an other site you'll need to try three times to achieved it, others says you can use an Medievial sword as solution.


When I achieved this thropy I was watching on certain things. I bought a sword where the word sword was in the name and it got an sword as picture. I also searched for the same looking flame blueprint (You've got green, blue and purple versions, atleast I did).I bought a sword who was the same color as the blueprint. This three things got me my trophy!


To be more precisely , I got an green sword translated out of the dutch version it called 'Broadsword' , bought it in the store. And the blue blue-print flaming blade. This was my 3rd time of trying to get it so, be lucky and wait three times, search for goods that you've enough for three times!

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