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Just bought the game, anything I should know about?


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Two years ago I bought GTA V for the PS3. While fun, it grew boring with the side missions becoming a bit too bizarre and the main story missions a bit stale (I only finished three heists). Ended up selling the game at a local Best Buy.


Today I just got a new copy of GTA V for the PS4. Everyone has told me that the first person view is great, and the draw distance is much bigger than it is on the last-gen consoles. I have never completed the story, but I have a level 35 character on GTA Online that I can transfer. Considering how slow and laggy it was on the PS3, can I expect to see several bug improvements on the PS4 (besides the 1080p resolution)?


Unfortunately there is a 6 GB patch file that I have to download if I want everything up to date, but that shouldn't be an issue. I've heard that the Steam version of GTA V is ridden with hackers, and I'm hoping the PS4 version will be nice and smooth enough to where I don't have to deal with them.


Anything I should know about? Besides the exclusive content on the PS4 can I also expect to get the items from the Special Edition version of the last-gen consoles?

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Xbox one and ps4 version are the best in terms of online experience because there're no hackers. Btw I bought GTA V normal version and I got all the items from the ps3 collector edition like the Hotknife and the carbon RS. Also as a returning player I got the Imponte Dukes :)

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