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How does Twitter linking work exactly?

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Strangely, it doesn't have any settings (what to post, when to post), so I wonder, what exactly does the Twitter app do? Posts a summary of what you did in a day? Any way to adjust the settings?


It automatically posts to your twitter account any time your profile is updated here on the site where you've earned new trophies. There's this link on the settings page to take a look on Twitter to see how it works.

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OK, thanks. Was there ever any FaceBook integration? That I'm much more interested in, but I hear the bastards have disabled the ability for apps to post automatically, which now makes any integration pointless.


We don't have Facebook integration, but if I remember correctly I think PlayStation does for trophies... or at least they did on PS3 under PSN > account management. Not sure if it works that well today though. :P

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