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What's the trend with fantasy sports? Why are they so popular? Just inquiring


Some people like the idea of micro-managing a team from the comfort of their own home.  Usually in "leagues" with friends and co-workers where you know everyone.  Honestly, it's not all that different then playing a video game with people, and why games like this are so popular in certain circles.


Understanding the league well enough to know what players will get hot at the right times.  Keeping track of injuries and having contingency plans to replace players if needed.  Knowing players strengths and weaknesses.  Trying to determine fair value of trade proposals, or making your own to get that player that would be perfect for you.  Buying low on good players in bad situations because they could break out in the future.  Managing your lines every week with the most effective group of players to beat the other guy.  In some cases there are "keeper" leagues where you keep your team year over year, so decisions you make have long term repercussions.  i think there's a certain amount of pride in being able to figure all this out and cobble together a team that wins every week, and people have fun with it.


Or some people just join in the festivities without really digging into it quite so deep.  They may not necessarily get as far, but probably have fun with the social aspects.


Plus a lot of times there's money on the line, or some sort of reward at the end if you win it all... which is probably a huge get for compulsive gamblers out there.  I know some friends of friends that do a fantasy league and they all chip in on a trophy before the year starts and have a big draft party.




On topic: I don't really like football, so best of luck!  I'd consider a hockey fantasy league though. :)

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