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Reaching Rank A - What is the best method?


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I agree... Not the best game. But one of my latest plat. It was quite fun in the beginning though. If you're serious getting plat on this game I have to warn you. From about C1 the progress will really slow down. Getting from B2 - B1 did take about 5 - 7 hours (no brakes) I think. Sometimes I did go "player matches" and play LONG sets with many games. That typically means 5 set, 6 games that can give you about 200 points in case you go for tiebreak on every game. You should know that also lost sets/games are valued... but just a bit less. I can recommend you to pair up with another trophy hunter or a friend. Then  you're able to boost it. Else you can go play "quick match" at least until you're close enough. 

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Thank you for the answer. I already figured everything out and I am boosting it like that. I think rank B5 is the half-way mark to the Rank A5. I'm currently at B2, so slowly but surely, almost there :D

I agree that the game was quite fun in the beginning. I remember when I played it on my PC when it first came out and had a lot of fun with it. So I bought it cause of that. Sadly it becomes so really repetitive. But hey, it's a plat to be proud of :D At least it's ultra rare :P

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