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Invisible 'sharks'


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After now 3 years or something I still have this question stuck in my head,


in the very beginning of the game I realised fast that this game is boring as hell, so as I arrived on the first island I decided - instead of following the mainstory - to jump into the ocean and tried to swim to other islands but after some time I just died in the middle of the ocean (even though there was nothing what could've kill me).


I haven't seen anything, I just died (I tried it around 5-7 times, always died for 'no reason').


I'm assuming that I got killed by a shark (or some seamonster), I think the reason why I couldn't see anything was because of a glitch.


I tried thinks like restarting the system and stuff, but nothing helped.


So I want to ask, did that happened to anyone out there as well? Did you found out how to fix it (the 'glitch'(if it's a glitch))?

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