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The Disgaea Triple Play Collection


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The Vita versions of both Disgaea 3 and Disgaea 4 are a better purchase considering you get all of the DLC associated with the main game. That includes DLC characters, monsters, etc, but even with the DLC pre-installed in the Vita versions, these games are still pretty lengthy and will contain a lot of information on the game's mechanics. While some people will say the Vita versions are easier than the Vanilla versions, it really boils down to how much you are willing to learn and take into consideration the game's mechanics as mentioned before. You can easily get destroyed if you are not careful.


In the beginning, both games are simple and allows you to make mistakes, but later on you have really observe several things such as:

  • Enemy levels - While this is not as important as your enemies Evility, it is highly advised to train with Geo Blocks that offer an EXP boost of any sort. For Disgaea 4, you have Episode 1-1 which grants two attributes: a 50% EXP bonus if an enemy is defeated while on the blue title, and a 50% Mana bonus if an enemy is defeated while on the green tile, and finally 5-2 which grants a 150% EXP bonus. Those are just some examples.
  • Enemy's Evility's - Every time you enter a new board you will want to check your enemy's (or enemies) Evility. You are basically walking in blind if you do not check your enemies stats beforehand.
  • Learning how Geo Blocks work and how you can use them to your advantage against your enemies.
  • Lifting and throwing your allies - Very useful skill and should be used to your advantage. Early on or at least until the post-game, you won't have access to gear that increases movement. To fix this problem, you can lift up one party member and throw them closer to an enemy, and allow them to damage the opponent when they could not otherwise. You can stack this four times, but will require one character per lift. After throwing an ally, it uses up a characters turn - take this into account and plan accordingly.
  • Having the proper equipment for your team - Passing the 'Expensive Gear' bill allows you to purchase better gear for your party. It is advised to do this a little early on into the game, or if your enemies are starting to harm your party members.
  • Attacking and not giving the enemy a single turn to act (if possible), if so then they should be limited and your party should be strong enough to survive any hits dealt to them. In the beginning, this will be difficult since you are adjusting to how the game works. However, once the game gets further into the story you will need make sure to act accordingly and plan your movements strategically.
  • HL and Mana will come naturally as you play, but it is very annoying to get in the beginning of the game. Do not worry about Mana nor HL early on and avoid upgrading any items as you can progress naturally without doing so. It is not until post-game that you will need to do this. And by that time, you will have more than enough HL to spend and Mana to upgrade abilities. If you are in need of levels, Mana, or you have Mana to spare, you can farm particular episodes for Mana, level up accordingly, or level up abilities if needed.
  • Team Attacks are very beneficial and should be used very frequently, if not always.
  • Saving after every map or making any kind of progression in-game.

While there are more things to consider, these are just some things to expect while playing Disgaea D2, Disgaea 3, or even Disgaea 4. 

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