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Sisters Grimoire Cards Glitched


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Has anyone else unlocked these two cards? I recently noticed that my two cards are not unlocked yet. Yes I have beaten them on several occasions.


I have the two cards. You can kill them in the Last Rites mission. Just stay in the pool of water (where you would start the Ir Yut section of Crota's End) and shoot them. Take an icebreaker or some special ammo synth as this can take a little while.

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I used the

What did you end up using to kill them? Wondering if you found a faster/easier way to take them down.

I used the IceBreaker as it was doing more damage than any year 2 sniper I had. I brought a 309 raid sniper with me and it was doing about 3/4 the damage of the Icebreaker.

Keep in mind you HAVE to stay in the water the whole time for this to work otherwise after a set time period they will automatically spot you and you will have to start over.

I started over twice till I learned this.

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