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Who wants to play Toukiden Kiwami?


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Important Please Read:

If you are not importing your save from Toukiden: Age of Demons, I would suggest starting the game ASAP. the focus of this We Play will be the expanded content. I am open to any suggestions on how people want this one to be run.


If anyone is starting from scratch inform me and I will enter your game so you can use my ghost data to help you power through the multiplayer quests. The focus of this we play will not be discussion or story this is about building a community to play the game together and beat it together. I personally will not be going for the platinum. I personally have not played Toukiden Kiwami despite having played the vanilla game.


After this group is done with Toukiden Kiwami we will be moving on to other MH clones.




Anyone who wants to join, you may use this sign up thread, until it is closed. If you want to send an enquiry after that date, send me a PM or consult this thread here. Anyone who invades the We Play thread breaking this simple request or who is needlessly rude to other players will likely be added to my ignore list and effectively banned from all future playthroughs, this also includes anyone who puts spoilers in the thread, beyond the point we've played up to.


This is the sign up topic, the actual topic will be full of spoilers etc so i'm keeping them seperate.


Hey guys I'm Superbuu3, not sure if people know me, but i'm relatively new (I copy paste deal with it :P) to the forum.  As I and many of us have a huge backlog to improve motivation being able to play at the same time and discuss with people should help move things along.  I'm considering putting up some gameplay including boss fights and cutscenes so people who can't play can give there input on the game to.


If you want to see how this works in practice we already have done Okami which you can see here and Bioshock here. Check the We play subforum there's loads now.


Why sign ups you may ask well we're going to be starting in a few days and I thought would be nicer if we have a group of us if possible.  I know a lot of people have difficulty getting into a game or struggle to finish for various reason I thought this would be a good idea to motivate.  If you signed up i'll send you a reminder if need be, I also think if you commit to the topic you'll be more likely to follow through on keeping up the pace.


This will be starting beginning of November. If you don't want to go for the platinum no one is forcing you to, essential info for a platinum run will be explained in the opening post for the topic.

PS: No limit to how many people want to join.



1. We only play up to the agreed milestone, I think if we leave people behind the group will fall apart, if people fall behind we will continue, but i do hope he others will try to keep up.

2. If you do meet an agreed story milestone, try to focus on any collectibles, checkpoints will be closer together for this.

3. Let us know in the thread if you meet a milestone so we can tell if everything is running smoothly, if you're having trouble with a boss or particular enemies try to ask in the thread first before consulting a guide, this is mainly to keep the talk on the game still open.

4. If you have any suggestions I'm completely open to them.


Current Members:

  1. Superbuu3

Late Joiners:





Estimated starting Date Monday 2nd November


No one is expected to go for the platinum and the checkpoints will only really be in place for the inital run, unless you guys request it, I can put a different structure for the following


This will start some time next week, I have pushed it back slightly due to a request.



Can I join if I beat the game before?

Yes, as this game takes multiple playthroughs for the plat feel free to do your additional playthroughs. However, no spoilers or you'll be blacklisted as I've mentioned before.

Can I play on a different platform?


Can I ask stupid questions that have already be answered?

Yes, because no matter what I write someone will always choose to just not read a thing :facepalm:

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