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Not getting "Chimney Sweep"


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Only 19/22 can be synced right away. Three will be available later, from Sequence 6 onwards, when you can access a certain special simulation (which can be started from the very right side of river Thames).

Some people consider this a spoiler, you know?

Edited by Sikatiiker
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For the sake of being nice, I changed it - so please edit your post quoting me, so it's all leveled again :)

I was tired of being nice and also told him to go check the progression tracker himself to get the 'spoiler' for being so impatient. IMO there's no point in posting a topic about a trophy glitch if it's not a glitch but up to your patience and nerve to play the game more than a couple missions.


So just to be clear I wasn't spoiled. Just thought about other people reading this topic. After a minute or two I edited my first post too.

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