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is this game easy now?


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just a heads up, i was wrong abt thinking DOA5LR is more difficult, the CPU is slightly to a lot more block- and hold-happy in vanilla and you really have to mix up a lot more

i started up DOA5 again yesterday for the first time in years and i saw that i had the unpatched version bc i deleted my game data after having gotten all the other trophies anyway

you might've read a lot that some ppl recommend reverting to v1.00 to make survival 'easier' bc apparently patches made it harder

however i cannot recommend this at all. survival at v1.00 is such a massive drag bc the health pools are bigger, so fights take longer

i re-downloaded the v1.05 patch and health pools are now at LR-level, so way less. it means you need to land fewer hits to clear a round, ofc you have to be more careful as well

im still not good at fighting games at all since i just pick-up-and-play mainly online pvp for fun inbetween homework and dont do much training at all

i spent all day yesterday trying to clear Champ, and while i did get close twice, i got KO'd in the end

well after downloading the latest patch i cleared Champ just now, in only a few tries. i can honestly say the difficulty between patches is not at all different, it felt easier at times even, and the most important thing is that rounds dont drag on as long bc of smaller health pools

anyway that's just my experience, do whatever you want but i wouldnt believe all the hype abt playing v1.00 for an easier time

im honestly really happy with just having cleared Champ bc i recall spending untold hrs attempting to do so before i put the game down

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ok i finally cleared this after clearing survival in DOA5LR on PS4 last week, this version's CPU is quite a bit more hardcore but still doable. i had to tweak my standard survival battle plan for this version and did so with great success and cleared all last 4 courses pretty quickly but ill admit i got lucky a lot, but then again who else didnt


- have the latest patch installed, dont bother with deleting the patches like some ppl suggest
- use your fav fighter. i know Lisa is a commonly used fighter for this and she's my fav DOA fighter anyway so all the better for me, but Alpha-152 and Hayate apparently work really well too


my battle flow (w/ Lisa):
i generally start with 1KK
then i just alternate between
1PK/4PK, H+K, 1PP, 7K, 7K, 4K
4KKK/1PKKK if opponent's back is against wall
6PK4P+K, 4P, 4PKK

sometimes ill jump on the ropes and T, but this is hard to pull off here
you'll have to judge for yourself how to act and react depending on what the CPU is doing and make sure it deviates enough from your previously executed actions properly. you'll also need to recognise what distance is best for executing certain combos and how to quickly flow into other combos when an opening presents itself


- it's important to mix it up a lot bc CPU will block and hold a lot, they do it a lot more here than in Last Round
- when knocked down ill use mid wakeup kick into 1PP 7K 7K 4K or ill press R2 (Twister Spin) when laying on back, use your judgment for this
- exercise caution especially when facing Akira and Bass
- get somewhat decent at holding, the bare minimum will do (im still bad at it...). Tina is a tough opponent but she has obvious tells. also charged attacks are not too hard to see coming (mid P hold), just make sure you dont hold too early or you'll get blown away and not in a very nice way


sorry for my long post, im not good at writing concise pieces, and this is merely what worked for me, other ppl have had success with other methods but i just couldnt get a consistent quarter circle input down (am terrible at fighting games) so i had to come up with stuff i could actually execute. the combos are easy to execute, do great dmg, and work on heavyweights as well


good luck

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