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Linked Uplay account not working


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Hi all

I've made this account recently and want to finish every game before I start a new one to try and have a 100 % account.

The uplay account I made is liked to my PSN ID and even got the uplay credits for linking the account. Problem is that AC 2 is not being shown in my uplay account as being played. There are no games according to uplay that I own.

Can anyone help me? Previous tickets I've put in with Ubisoft support have still not been answered in over a month.

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Tried logging in to UPlay? I accidentally had 2 Uplay accounts for a while after I forgot my login for my original Uplay account. Once I logged in to Uplay on a PC I was able to disconnect my second Uplay account from my PSN, then link the PSN to my original Uplay.


So you should be able to disconnect your Uplay from your original PSN and then link your new PSN if you log in to Uplay, as both these steps can be taken from the account settings.

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The uplay account is also new and has never been linked to another account.

I made the account exactly like previous ones and they all worked.

It wouldn't matter that much to me if it will give me the uplay credits when I can connect it properly to an account but I fear the credits won't be added later

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