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An Argonians Journey through Skyrim - Diary

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This topic is basically a new way for me to play Skyrim. As I play, I keep notes on various happenings, whether quest related or random. I them write them up as diary entries written by my character. I am in no way any kind of professional writer, so don't expect anything ground breaking, it's just for a little fun. Also, I may not be able to update it TOO frequently, since I work full time, and have many other games to play. I'll update when I can. If you'd like to follow whenever I update, hit the follow topic button up there. Notes from me will be kept here at the very top. Anything below will be the Diary. Everything that happens in the diary WILL be something that happened in game. Events will be embellished to seem more realistic, but I won't just make up events.


This is NOT a diary of my time with the game. It's a diary of the characters time in Skyrim. Let's begin. I've added the first two chapters for now. Will add more later.




Chapter One

Journey to Skyrim


First Entry 4E201 17th Last Seed


I've decided to start a journal. I've never kept one before, but the last week, and especially the last few hours have encouraged me to keep a record of, well, me. It's not everyday you come seconds from death. Ok, let me go back a bit.


I'm an Argonian. My name is Talen-Ja. I have dark green scales, blue feathers on the back of my head and a few blue scales on my face. I grew up in Gideon, Black Marsh with my parents, but after my mother died, my father and I left to seek a new life in Skyrim.

Our plan was to settle as simple traders in one of the smaller towns. But it didn't work out that way. On our way between Lleyawiin and Bravil we were attacked by Bandits. My father succeeded in fighting them off while I assisted with my bow and arrows, but not before they'd cut him with a poisoned weapon. I took a cut to the face too but I wasn't poisoned. We didn't find out about the poison until we were tending our wounds in Bravil a while later. By then, father had taken ill. I took care of him as best I could, but fever took him after a couple of days. His last words were that he knew I would make him proud. I buried him outside of Bravil then continued with a heavy heart. I wouldn't let him down. I would make him, and mother, proud of me. And this scar on my face would always remind me of the bandits that took my father from me. Something I would never forgive.

Not much happened after leaving Bravil. I followed the path round the Imperial City and north towards Bruma. I stopped here to rest and the next morning journeyed through Pale Pass, avoiding the Frostbite Spiders who infested the cave. While in Bruma I was able to learn a basic fire spell from a magic scholar, and when a Frostbite Spider tried to attack me, I drove it back with the flames. This magic is intriguing. I'd like to learn more at some point.

When I emerged into Skyrim I decided to head to the nearest town, that being Falkreath. After about half an hour of walking I came across a group of Nords. Cautiously, I approached them intending to ask if they had any food to trade, since I had run out, but just as I got near, a group of guards jumped out. The last thing I remember was someone yelling something about Ulfric Stormcloak when I felt a pain in the back of my head. Everything went black, and what seemed like seconds later I was in a cart with my hands bound.


Chapter Two



I had been captured by the Imperial Guard for being found in the company of Stormcloak Rebels. But they refused to listen to my insistence that I am innocent. I was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. How was I to know that the first people I would meet upon emerging from Pale Pass would be Rebels who were waging war against the Empire? Three others shared the cart with me. The man across from me was a Nord by the name of Ralof. The man next to me was gagged, but Ralof said he was Ulfric Stormcloak, the leader of the rebellion. This caused the third man, a horse thief apparently, some panic, as he wondered where we were going.

It soon became apparent as we entered a town called Helghan. There was an executioner and a block. My heart sank. We were all going to be beheaded. So much for the start of a new life I thought bitterly. Less than 2 hours after arriving in Skyrim I get executed. One of the Imperial guards, named Hadvar, gave me a bit of hope when he noticed I wasn't on the list of known rebels, but this hope was quickly snuffed out as his captain told him to ignore the list. I'd be going to the block with the others.

I watched queasily as the first rebel was beheaded, then they called me forward. I couldn't move, how could I? I was pushed forward roughly by a guard and my head placed on the block. There was suddenly a distant but loud roaring noise. They ignored it as the executioner looked down at me. Turning my head slightly I looked up into his eyes. Silently pleading him not to do this, but the eyes that looked back through that black mask were cold and without mercy. He raised the axe. 

But just as he was about to bring it down, a massive black dragon landed on the roof behind him and roared loudly. The noise was so tremendous it knocked the executioner off his feet. I took my chance and ran just as the dragon released a fiery breath and turned the executioner to ash. Ralof called out to me and we both ran into a tower. We climbed the spiral stairs until we came to a gaping hole in the wall. Ralof told me to jump into the tavern below and run. My hands were still bound so I landed heavily. I quickly picked myself up and ran out the door. There, I saw Hadvar kneeling over the body of a fallen Imperial guard. He told me to follow him as we crossed to another building. Unable to do anything else, I stayed close as the dragon flew overhead torching more buildings and people. 

Eventually, Hadvar and Ralof's paths crossed, then they both told me to follow them as they ran in opposite directions. I followed Ralof. When we were inside, he cut my hands free, and I took some weapons from a nearby table. A bow and some arrows. As we went through the Keep, and got attacked by Imperial Guards, I grew to respect this Nord Warrior more. Eventually, we made it outside. The dragon flew overhead and headed towards the mountains. It was gone for now, but Ralof was concerned. His sister, Gerdur, lived in the nearby town of Riverwood. We made our way there.

Riverwood was safe when we arrived. Ralof told his sister and her husband everything that had happened. They asked me if I could go to the city of Whiterun and alert the Jarl of what happened. I agreed, but Gerdur could see I was tired and likely hungry. She gave me a key to her home and said I could stay there tonight, and for as long as I needed. That evening, I shared a meal with them as we talked about the dragon threat, and the civil war between the Stormcloaks and Imperials. Then I headed to bed. It was here, before I slept that I wrote this entire first chapter of what will likely be the start of something big. I wonder what mother and father are thinking as they look down upon me...


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Chapter Three
The Start of Something Bigger

4E201 18th Last Seed


If I thought yesterday was eventful it was nothing to today. I'll start at the beginning.

After a short breakfast with Ralof and Gerdur, I set off for Whiterun. They were right after all. The Jarl needed to know about the dragons, about Helghan, all of it. The roads were pretty quiet between Riverwood and Whiterun. I saw some rabbits, foxes and Elk roaming, but I let them be. The worst that happened was a thief who demanded I give him my gold. I saw him off with my Flame Spell. I'm getting rather good at casting it.

As I approached Whiterun I was stopped by the guards. They had heard the rumours of dragons returning and had tightened security. As if a wall and gate would stop a dragon attacking? I told them I must see the Jarl. I had information about Helghan, so they let me pass. Whiterun was a very nice city. I made my way up to the palace of Dragonsreach. As I approached the Jarl I was, once again, stopped. As soon as I mentioned Helghan though, the Jarl beckoned me forwards. I told him everything I could. He seemed grateful for the information and dispatched a contingent of guards to Riverwood at once.

He then asked me to speak to his court wizard about I job that I may be interested in. I hadn't expected this, I had thought I would deliver the message then return to Riverwood. But, I admit, I was curious, so I agreed. I went to see this wizard, who asked me to retrieve some kind of stone that could shed light on the dragon threat. It was hidden away in a place called Bleak Falls Barrow, up in the mountains. He highlighted it's danger, but I found myself becoming more interested instead of less. What was wrong with me? I meant to come to Skyrim, become a humble trader and that was it, but since my fathers death I find myself wanting more... Maybe it was the desire for revenge against bandits, or maybe my near death experience in Helghan. Whatever the case, I agreed to retrieve the stone.

I departed for Bleak Falls Barrow. As I left Whiterun, I could see the Barrow up in the mountains. The Jarls steward had given me a map of Skyrim to help me navigate, and marked Bleak Falls on it. It wasn't too far.

Shortly after leaving Whiterun, some Imperial Guards stopped me. Something was wrong though, their voices didn't hold the authority you hear in most guards. They sounded more... menacing. They demanded a toll of 200 gold to let me pass. Suddenly, I noticed a foot poking out from behind a rock. Their smiles faltered as they saw where I was looking. Suddenly they pulled their swords out and ran at me. I dived to one side next to the rock and saw two dead imperials that were almost naked. Now it made sense. Bandits ambushed the guards and stole their armour. I let out a jet of flame from my hand as the first bandit came round the rock, it drove him back, but he was more determined than the thief from earlier, and not so ready to retreat.

I scrambled to my feet and and shot a flame spell from each hand. The second bandits clothes caught fire under his stolen armour. He screamed and tried to untie the armour but was unsuccessful as the fire burned him to death. The other one screamed with rage and began swinging his sword wildly. I ducked and dodged, but I was running out of room, a cliff wall rose up behind me, I had to attack now or die. I cupped my hands together and shot flames from both. Amazingly, the two fire spells combined and roared with a new intensity. One agonising scream later and the bandit lay on the floor, so burned and scorched he was unrecognisable. My hatred for bandits burned as intensely as the fire I had conjured. As my breathing slowed, I looked down at my hands. It seemed I had learned how to combine spells to make them more powerful. With one last look of contempt at the corpses, I continued on my way.


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Chapter Four
The Bleak Falls Bandits


My fight with the bandits was not over however. As I approached Bleak Falls Barrow I saw three bandits camped. They were talking about a treasure inside the barrow and a Golden Claw they possessed that was the key to something hidden below that would make them rich. Were they talking about the Dragon Stone I was after? I couldn't be sure, but I couldn't run the risk of letting them find it first. I readied my bow and aimed an arrow. I released it and killed one of the bandits. The other two leaped up and drew their weapons, one, a sword, the other, a bow. They were angry at the sneak attack but also obviously unnerved. I readied another arrow, then leaped up and fired at the archer, but missed. She shot an arrow at me but I'd already ducked down. My hiding place was now compromised. I knew the swordsman would be bearing down on me, so I rolled to one side and as he appeared round the corner I shot another arrow. It hit square in the chest and he toppled on top me. I threw him off then released a jet of flame upwards just as the archer appeared above me, and was scorched. I picked myself up and headed inside.

In the caves it was easier to hide in the shadows and pick off unwary bandits with arrows. One was killed by a trap. He attempted to open a door but was peppered with darts from above. I was a bit smarter. I noticed a sequence of icons above the door, and some rotating pillars to my left. By matching the icons on the pillars with the the icons over the door, I opened it without triggering the trap.

Soon I heard calls for help. I investigated and emerged into a cave full of webs. In one particularly large web, was a bandit. He begged me to release him, saying he had the Golden Claw, and would share the treasure with me. Of course, I didn't believe he would really share, but if he did have the Claw, I had to free him so I could take it from him. Just then, a large Frostbite Spider dropped from above. I jumped back and used my double strength flames to beat it back, but it kept trying to stab at me with its legs. I concentrated while stepping back and focused all my Magika until the flames burned hot enough to kill the spider. Breathing a sigh of relief, I turned my attention to the bandit. I reignited my hand and said I'd free him by burning the web. He seemed panicked and said I was crazy, that I'd burn him too. I scorched the web next to him. He was burned free and immediately ran. I knew he would.

He didn't get very far. He ended up running right into the arms of a Draugr, a kind of Zombie that guards the halls of the Barrow. One bite and the bandit fell dead. I used my flames to kill the Draugr, if kill is the right word. They fell and didn't move again, so I suppose it's appropriate enough. Then I took the claw from the bandit. I'd heard the bandits outside saying it was key, but it was unlike any key I'd ever seen before. I also remember them saying they'd stolen it. After I'd used it I would see if I could find the rightful owner and return it. Assuming the rightful owner was still breathing of course.

After making my way deeper and burning or shooting any Draugr that I came across, I reached a peculiar door. It had three rings and an indentation in the centre. The indent matched the claw. I put the claw in, but nothing happened. Puzzled, I looked at the rings and noticed symbols on each. There were symbols on the claw too. Now it made sense. I rotated each ring to match the symbols, and this time, when I fitted the claw, the door opened. Inside was a wall with strange symbols carved into it. As I approached, I felt my heart pound for some reason. One group of symbols started to glow, then a strange light poured out of the stone and into me. I suddenly understood what that group of symbols meant, though I didn't understand how... I didn't have time to dwell on it however, as a sarcophagus suddenly burst open behind me and a powerful looking Draugr climbed out. It was tougher than any I'd so far faced, and kept shouting a word which pushed me back. Eventually it succumbed to my fire. On the pedestal in front of the sarcophagus was the Stone I'd been looking for. I took it, then left the barrow via a hidden back exit and made my way back to Whiterun.

As I walked I pondered what had happened. The Draugr kept shouting a word I didn't understand and every time it was like an invisible force was trying to knock me off my feet. Then there was the symbol that I suddenly understood after absorbing the light from it. I tried shouting the word, just as the Draugr had shouted his, but nothing happened. Just as puzzled as ever, I headed on. Upon arriving at the gates of Whiterun, I decided to bed down at the tavern before returning to Dragonsreach. It was late and after all the adventuring I was pretty tired. It was a strange day. I'll head to sleep now, but I can't help wondering if things could get any stranger.


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You should show this to every female in your life.

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