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Tales of Link now available in the west


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A bit late on this one but Bandai Namco's official Tales of series mobile game, "Tales of Link", has finally been released to the west (Mar. 5), about two years after its original debut in Japan. In this game you can fight alongside your favorite Tales of heroes, with the current roster featuring many characters from Tales of Phantasia all the way to Xillia 2. Further character additions are likely. The game's combat involves your units spread in a 3x3 formation and  "linking" them, which is done by connecting your allies that are of the same given color to execute attacks.

The main story has you take on the role of the amensiac Savior who goes on a quest with adventurer Sara and her pet Lippy to seal the seeds of ruin. Though the story isn't at all an intriguing one, the good part is that on the journey you meet various characters from the main Tales of games. So far they have all been voiced, so I'm assuming the rest of the main story is fully voiced as well. However, right now the game is only available with Japanese voice and English subtitles. Anyone who has played games like Final Fantasy Record Keeper or Brave Frontier may easily find themselves familiar with this style of game and see lots of similar mechanics such as consuming stones for rng-based hero summoning and event dungeons that grant gear or chances at obtaining certain characters. This game is free to play with a in-app cash shop, but it's only for things like extra hero stones, energy refills, etc. Based from my own experience with mobile games, it doesn't ruin the game at all, just helps you progress a bit faster and give more chances to summon which is rng anyway. So some people may be upset that it's similar to the format of RPG mobile games out there, but hey, I for one never took mobile games that serious, you get to collect and fight with chibi versions of your favorite Tales of characters and that's enough for me. :P



-Tales of Link currently has playable characters from Phantasia to Xillia 2. More should be added soon.

-Fully voiced story (not sure if everything is though, but I assume most of the main story is).

-Japanese voicing w/ English subs, nothing else.

-Free to play, with in-game cash shop. I'm very confident that it's far from P2W though.

-Shares lots of mechanics from other RPG mobile games, but an enjoyable game nonetheless. Definitely try it if you love Tales of games. :)


Here's just some screenshots:

Tales%20of%20Link%20screenshot%201_zpsrj   Tales%20of%20Link%20screenshot%202_zpsvs   Tales%20of%20Link%20screenshot%203_zpsop


And the opening:


The game is available for purchase on the Apple and Google Play store.


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