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Favorite tunes in DS3?


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The music in the game has been a cut above, as usual. But my favorite tune so far is this ditty:



When I fought this battle initially, I was disappointed at how easy it was, because I wanted the music to last forever. But then, when the music didn't stop through the cut scene that followed, and the souls gathered and enkindled the watcher, I knew that shit was about to get real, and I ceased to be disappointed.

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I don't really want to boil it down to a single song, i liked quite a few songs for different reasons. I've been listening to the main menu theme for months now, the Dragonslayer Armor theme works amazingly well with the boss fight, the final boss theme is obviously great due to spoiler reasons, the second Firelink Shrine theme is my favorite calm piece and the Nameless King theme is straight up anime. The one that i've found to be the most memorable was this one though:

It's a pretty basic concept to remix a previously calm and beautiful theme and make it sound as horrifying as possible, but damn has it been done well here. This isn't just a remix of Gwyndolin's theme. This is Gwyndolin's theme on steroids, crack and crystal meth after 5 hours of bashing its head into a brick wall puking up gallons of blood and organs screaming it's gonna eat your babies times ten.

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