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Giving myself a challenge


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I have a challenge for myself. I am going to model a scene and I need people to help give suggestions on whats in the scene, I asked my girlfriend and she didn't cooperate but I got some out of her. 
I'll explain what I got so far.

; Say you are standing on top of a cliffside, looking down at a small sandy beach and a beautiful sunset in the horizon line. You also have a lighthouse on a piece of land further out in the ocean. You look to the side of you and see broken down fence posts on the edge of the cliffside. Then you decide to turn around and you see a mountain far in the distance.

I need you guys to fill out the blanks. What is in between you and the mountain far in the distance? Think about it and comment what should be there. Is it a big open field? A forest? A broken down hut? You decide. I want to challenge myself. I will work on this constantly until I finish it, and I feel like I will learn a lot from this.

Programs I use (& feel free to suggest some that are free)
Unity3d & blender.

Thank you, if you help out. I'll post my progress on here in parts.

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I saw a nice, beautiful city in between. It was full of people walking around, malls, little specialty stores on the main drag. And a bright blue sky to top it off.

The scene you described reminds me of a city I went to. Ocean on one side, mountains on the other.


What city? It sounds nice

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