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Hey im fairlly new to the Series with only Playing Demon's Souls and need some help for a good build at the moment im Level 70 and would like to use the Fume Ultra Greatsword can someone help with a good build my starting class is Knight.


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If you want a 120 - 130 build then you should raise yours stats like this:


Vigor 30

Endurance 30

Vitality 40 (you really wanna have agility with a heavy weapon, especially now that not even Havel has the honor of having poise)

Strength 50

Dexterity 30


You kan sacrifice 10 points of dexterity to raise Vigor and Endurance to 35 each, remember you kan change your stats up to 5 times per NG with Rosaria's covenant for a Pale Tongue.  I recommend you use always the FAP (Favor and Protection, now renamed "Ring of Favor") and Havel rings and is up to you to choose what to wear in the other 2 slots.  In my case i use Havel, FAP, Chloranthy and Hornet, in the pockets i have the Red Tearstone, Leo, Wolf, Knight Slayer's and Covetous Silver Serpent rings in case i need to switch any of them.   

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