PSA: XCOM: Enemy Unknown global delist (and how to get 100% anyway)

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Hopefully anyone won't object to gathering everything learned since this happened. To recap:


XCOM: Enemy Unknown and it's two DLCs SLINGSHOT CONTENT PACK and ELITE SOLDIER PACK (stylished in all capitals) have been globally delisted from all PSN Stores, except Hong Kong. Since you require Slingshot to 100% XCOM: EU, you need either two things:


Disc/Digital solution:


a. A USA disc copy of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Product ID BLUS-30943 (no joke) OR the Asia disc copy of XCOM: EU, Product ID BLAS-50353

b. Purchase Slingshot content pack from the Hong Kong PSN Store


Digital/Digital solution:


c. The digital copy of XCOM: EU bought from USA before delisting OR purchase XCOM: EU from the Hong Kong PSN Store

d. Purchase Slingshot content pack from the Hong Kong PSN Store


There is a lot of confusion and misinformation surrounding XCOM: Enemy Unknown and it's trophies, as it has been re-released as an expanded version XCOM: Enemy Within and a Vita port XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus. These releases have a separate trophy list. You will not pop XCOM: EU trophies playing either XCOM: EW or XCOM: EU+. Unless you had access to the DLC previously, to 100% XCOM: EU you now must buy a compatible disc copy of XCOM: EU and get the DLC from Hong Kong. That is the only way.


SLINGSHOT CONTENT PACK on the HK Store (link). Remember to either clear your cookies or use Incognito mode on your browser, or you will redirect to the Store you last used instead of Hong Kong. For Chrome this is as simple as pressing CTRL+SHIFT+n while the browser is active.


History: ít was found out on 6th August the DLC pack listed on HK Store has the USA Product ID instead of Asia one. Carbon_Lancer went with the risky job of being the Guinea pig for it and verified my findings. My original post (link) and Carbon_Lancer's answer (link). While I didn't pay attention to it at the time, the digital edition of XCOM: EU on the HK Store has the same Product ID as the USA one did, too. These are all interchangeable. Fastflowdaman confirmed on 13th August the Asia disc is compatible with the HK DLC too (link).

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I already followed information about this so its not new to me but thanks for writing down all this in one post and also thanks to Carbon_Lancer for testing this out.


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