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Any idea for Figures and Cards?

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Hell no, these 2 trophies just like torture....

I find a way try to get cards, the forest dungeon close to Leanbox, and equip the item which can respawn enemy, I remember that dungeon has a enemy called Cobra Hero, and it said we can steal the cards from him.....but WTF...THAT'S REALLY NEED LUCK:(....And I got 10 Peashy in this dungeon, though now i have 21 different cards,it's so tedious.....


So, any helpful or efficient way to get cards, please?

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Save -> start opening packs -> save on success -> keep opening packs -> reload -> repeat


There are no tips. It's simply RNG based.



Also, you are not stealing the cards you are parts breaking to get the CPU chips that contain the cards.

There are no cards as guarantee drops.

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For what it's worth for anyone who is still looking for this trophy (I just got it like 2 minutes ago):


I spent most of my time doing Square-Up-X-Circle to just use the cards, and I got a SR Neptune. That was a day or two ago. I got all the other trophies last night, so today when I logged in all I needed was the Noire, Blane and Vert SR cards.


I started off with the "use" method. In 2 hours (with a little research online yet again to see if I could help speed things along) I got a second Neptune SR. So disappointing.


I had a nap for two and a half hours cause I didn't get much sleep last night.


After a bit more research I decided to bash up my character so I could just mash X to heal them with the cards.


Within 4 rounds of this I got the Noire card. About half an hour later, including grinding back the cards I used and then damaging my characters at Senmuu, I got Blanc 1 card in. I didn't bother farming for more cards, just went with what I had. Less than five minutes later I got Vert, the trophy and then plat.


I honestly don't know if it matters but AT NO TIME, SINCE FIRST BOOTING THE GAME DID I ACTUALLY EXIT TO MAIN MENU OR CLOSE THE GAME. I got Neptune, Noire, Blanc, Vert in that order, today, in about 3 and a half hours of actual gametime (NO double-ups).


It's also worth noting, which I didn't even realise until today, that you can hold down L2 to skip the opening sequence and save yourself a lot of time. Use the RS to move down to the next character when healing.


I'm not saying it's an exact science, but in less than an hour, using the healing method, I came across every card except the Neptune SR.

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Just got this trophy. If you're doing the method in the trophy guide it can take anywhere from forever to no time at all. 


I split it into two days and it's a perfect example. 


Day 1 - It took 3 hours to get just the first  2 UR cards, and the same ones repeated a few times. 


Day 2 - Literally within 30 minutes I had the last 2 UR cards. 

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