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Expansion Trophies


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Four of them are missable.


One of them (the Turtle trophy) was glitched prior to version 1.06 so you're going to need to download the patch for the trophy to pop correctly.


This basically has audio logs of the developers commentary, it's pretty much playing through Firewatch again but with five additional trophies.

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Life and Times of Raccoon Carter - found south of Beartooth Point, in the old outhouse. In the basement open the stove, a raccoon will pop out. Achievable on Day 77.


Love Turts - requires patch 1.06. Achievable on Day 2. A turtle is found near cache 309. It is in the small circular area on the map before you come across the ruined tent that ends the day. Grab it with R2 and keep it, the trophy will pop.


Love Turts is possible to get on Day 1 - and if I remember correctly, the Racoon as well.


There is a turtle at Jonesy Lake close to Cache 305 on Day 1.

Another turtle would be just at the start of Day 2, when you go south to Cache 307. It's on a rock on the other side of the river - that side where you actually come from. (That turtle is not there on Day 1 or even on "Day 0" (before you enter your tower the very first time))


About the Racoon: I think you can just head up north to that shack with the Racoon on your way home on Day 1. Just don't enter the cave towards home at Cache 303, but go north. I'm 90% sure there is no climbing necessary there, only get through one bush.



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For Love Turts: I started playing this game when it first came out, before the expansion was released, then stopped somewhere on Day 76. I started again recently and tried hunting down all the expansion trophies. I took some time on both Day 76 and Day 77 to look for a turtle with no luck. I read somewhere that you could get the achievement after the game was finished, while in Free Roam, so I gave up. On the last day, Day 79, I was in my watchtower and was told to pack up my belongings. It was then I noticed a box on the ground with a turtle in it. I had picked it up and brought it back to my watchtower on an earlier day (and over 2 years ago when the achievement was not in the game) so it did not trigger the "adopt" prompt. I was able to pick him up and there it was. Weird way to get it, but possible.

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