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Ultimate Challenge


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Pro career try a track like Monza. Not too many turns so easier to keep control of car.


Fastest way ive found R&D is dont change teams or you lose your R&D points. be number 1 driver for your team so you get a bonus aswell.

easiest way i have found is do all 3 programs in first session of practice until you get to singapore. then end R&D for that year.you will get a 25% bonus in R&D until the end of the year. now instead of doing all the r&d in one session, do one per session so you get the bonus r&d points for participating in the session.

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I did it in Bahrain :) It doesn't matter how far you're off. I was 5 laps behind and still got the trophy, you just have to make sure you don't crash (so save often) or don't get a DSQ, and I also did it with my controller rather than with my steering wheel.

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