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Never Give Up The Ghost question


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"Defeat the Undead Princess 10 times."


Does this mean do the Intervention Battle with her ten times or find the Undead Princess in the Icy Region and defeat her there ten times - The Princess Goblin from another Intervention can be fought on Cornelia field multiple times(but one-shots you easily) and I want to know if the Undead Princess shows up as an uber-powerful Mirage in the Icy Region and you have to defeat her there.

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Never mind, I got it by doing the quest ten times. It's really easy to do, but thanks for the heads up on how to one-shot her in the Ice Region. Sadly, I am very short on X-portions and Elixirs. It's a little slower, but I grind off of Flan Princess and Malboro Menace (gets 80800 EXP each fight). Thanks for the advice.

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