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Main Quests no longer level capped?


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Apparently after the last One Tamriel update, you can pretty much complete the main story in one sitting, no grinding between required. At least that's a case for me, main quests unlock one after another.


So, if anyone is interested, now is the time.

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That's correct, ZoS is finally paying major attention to the core mechanics in the game. Players belonging to any of the three factions can from now on group up without limits (unless the PvP campaign), all area restrictions have been lifted so you can venture outside your faction's maps no matter which level you are, and 95% of the content has been made soloable. Players of any level are being scaled to a "common ground", so a level 5 newbie can coop (or just be in the general area) with a fully maxed out player, and still expect to do a good amount of damage on any enemy - and most important of all survive perfectly fine - no matter where they went. No more stepping out to a new map and have a mudcrab one-hit you because "it's new level tier bruh, just grind more xp".


While the GOTY disc release was a slight disappointment (it only includes a DLC voucher for the first 4 DLC) the content updates are promising a great future for ESO and at least a few new players to have a stab at it. I keep seeing newbs all the time. It's now fine if you want to beat it solo or group up with a few friends, or join a big guild and learn the community aspects like I did. Everything goes. ZoS is promising a new update "early 2017" which will bring forth player housing, and hopefully fix the disgustingly OP weapon ultimates they just introduced :P


We're just through the first seasonal festival event, which was another introduction. There'll be one for every season, including a free XP buff and themed loot drops (also new crafting styles for eye candy). Contentwise things look a lot better now, and I do think the game in it's current state would receive noticeably better scores from any player compared to what it got, say, a year ago.

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