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1 Billion Miles - How Many Games?


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May I ask anyone who has the "10.75 AU" trophy for travelling 1 billion miles: how many games have you won, and also the total number of games played?


I'd very much appreciate a reference point, since the game itself doesn't track this stat.


Thank you!

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I actually could not find any information about this... anywhere. Based on a quick Google search (here), the furthest Earth to Mars is 249 million miles; however, I can attest that after several "wins" in Tharsis, it is not as easy as 5 full missions. With that, it may be safer to use the closest distance between Earth and Mars (also found from that Google search) 33.9 million miles. If that is what the designers set the distance, then we'd be looking at ~30 successful "wins" in Tharsis to accumulate the 1 billion miles (1000 [million miles] / 33.9 [million miles]). And, given each week in the game is 1/10 of that distance, each week (or Turn) would be ~3.4 million miles. So if you're prone to losing, it would take a very long time to acquire this trophy. 


So, let's say, on average you get to week 5 (1/2 the distance to Mars) then lose, it would take ~60 1/2 distances to acquire the trophy.


Looking for anyone with further insight/theory to add to this as I am just speculating based on a Google search :P

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