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Still glitched trophies?


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So i got eu version of the game and i absolutely cannot get Ouch or I can see you trophies.

I destroyed like 50 cameras already i showered my self with mortars but still no trophies for that.

I redownloaded game,deleted save files,tried on diffrent profile and still i cant get it.

Anyone else got that problem?

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I don't know if you are aware of it, but the Ouch trophy requires a combination of two different power ups at the same time (Don't remember the combination) where a bunch of missles will come raining from the sky, this is how I got that trophy.

Also the camera one popped randomly for me, I didn't even notice I had gotten it, my only advice is to just fire rockets all over the place and experiment with different power ups combination and try to fire it as often as possible, it should pop sooner or later like that. Good luck :-)

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Yes i know,i msg ppl who got those trophies but no answer for now.

Yes,im getting hit by mortar all the time but still no trophie


BUT after destroying cameras for 2 hours i finally got the one for camera. I really hope that mortar will pop too if I will mortar myself for 1-2 more hours....

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Ok so now im pissed.

I tried and tried to get Ouch but no luck.

Then i switched to my second profile on the same ps4 and trophy popped immidiatly after getting hit by mortar.

I deleted save data and then tried to do it on my main profile again with the exact same track,place and moves and nothing.

I then created another profile,did the same thing and trophy popped no problem.

I switched back to my main profile did the same thing on fresh save and nothing.

How can this be that this trophie perma glitched on my psn profile?I don't get it....

Is it even possible?

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Ok so i just managed to get thisbiggrin.gif
God i just could not belive this when i saw it worked.

What i did was:
I deactivated my main account and removed it from ps4. Then i created new offline user1 and got the trophy there.On this user1 then i logged in and used existing account-my main account. Then i synced trophies. The user1 offline trophies and my main account trophies merged together and synced,adding that ouch trophy to my game listsmile.gif

I don't know why i took me entire day to figure out but im so glad that it was not online trophy wich could not be fixed that way.
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