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What broken weapons have you found?


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So far i have only found the broken handgun in the trailer and also the broken shotgun you use to get the very first working shotgun. (you replace brokenshotgun with shotgun model to get the better shotgun) Are there any more broken weapons in the game? Because i have found a total of 3 repair kits so im assuming there is atleast 1 more.

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On 1/25/2017 at 10:04 PM, Wedge19 said:

I didn't find any repair kits, but I did find two wooden toy weapons. No idea what those are for. Also only found the two broken weapons you mentioned. 

The wooden shotgun can be used to replace the pump action shotgun in the room with the statue. By using the wooden shotgun and not the broken shotgun, you can have both shotguns after you find a repair kit to use on the broken shotgun. The toy axe is used in a shadow puzzle outside in the yard. You make a 7 with it in the puzzle and it unlocks a chest containing a stabilizer.

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