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Another [This trophy should be unlocking but it isn't] thread

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So I have everything done 100% in game records, story, combat, and items. I unlocked each individual trophy for getting 100% in each category, but Record Keeper has yet to pop. 

I have tried defeating Julius with both characters (despite it not being needed for the platinum) and have had no luck. The last thing I completed before getting 100% was finishing off Flick Rush. I do have numerous saves before getting 100%. 

I know others have had similar issues, so before I go back to an earlier save file, does anyone have an ideas or tricks that might help get this trophy to pop?

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11 minutes ago, JaM said:

hmmm...can you share a screenshot of your record section? I am not sure atm what needs to have Mickey symbol for this trophy so I'll just try to check and compare it (not atm though :|).

Yeah, I'll get a screenshot in a bit. Thanks.

I have mickey mouse ears on every section except for the in-game trophy screen in which I am still missing a few like the 1000 Flowmotion kills and Critical Mode. 

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I went back to an earlier save before I completed the game records section. I completed Flick Rush again and then used the last link style I had left for Riku. Apparently the problem was that Flick Rush was the last thing I was completing on this save file. 

Thanks to everyone for the help and suggestions over the last few weeks. 

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