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Analog or D-Pad?


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Wouldn’t usually ask this considering it’s a 2D platformer, but I can’t help but wonder if the D-Pad will be accurate enough for the liquid gun in speed runs and future levels. I’d much rather stick with D-pad but if it’s not as precise then I’ll switch. 

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21 minutes ago, tylerh1701 said:

I ended up sticking with the analog stick even though I prefer the D-pad just because I found aiming the gun was just so much easier with the analog stick.


Yeah i’ve found it’s way more precise for the annoying auto-aim, but everything is doable with the d-pad too. I can’t stand 2D platformers with the analog for some reason. 


You going for for all the trophies? This is definitely one of the hardest platinums out there. The platinum times are insane and pretty much require you to not die throughout the entire run while going at a fast pace. The devs went all out on this one :P 

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