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Anyone else having trouble saving the 3rd person in Justine?


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Maybe its just me, but I'm really struggling at this part. I've watch guides and stuff, but the problem is the controls. Pulling the levers sometimes don't register, and also turning the circular thing to close the gate takes too long. As a result, by the time I close the gate that has the guy in it, the monster breaks in, and I am unable to open the gate to escape fast enough :( Plus it's annoying to start all over, even though the game isn't long.

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Just did this after struggeling with the valves. The trick is to spin the analog stick in a steady circle (not to fast). The valve should turn smoothly. Close the door to the prisoner until it hits the water and then go for the one leading to the exit. Open it around 33% and crouch under. Then run like hell and jump all the obstacles. Hope this helps?

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